Tennis courts Mpumalanga Nelspruit

Procourts Courts specialise in all types of playgrounds tennis courts Witbank, basketball courts belfast and tennis court Standerton and athletic track construction and repair Secunda tennis courts and through out south Africa. The company situated in Pretoria South Africa we specialize in the construction design, construction, resurfacing, floodlighting, nets, repairs, fencing and maintenance of tennis courts .


Tennis Courts Mpumalanga

Regardless if it is an interior or exterior tennis court, we understand that excellence comes from careful planning, attention to details, and great communications. This is exactly what we deliver. Our crew consistently shows up one time and keeps the work site clean and tidy. We want to assist you in giving your tennis court the much needed attention it deserves.

Tennis Courts Maintenance

Tennis Courts Repairs

Tennis Courts Construction

Tennis Courts Resurfacing

Tennis Courts Crack Repairs

Tennis Courts Fencing

Tennis Courts Renovations

Tennis Courts Installations

Tennis Courts Surfacing

By using our services, you can rest assured in the highest quality of work at a fair price, a clean jobsite, and an on-time completion date. Whatever your needs, big or small, our crew looks forward to giving your existing Volleyball court a brand new look or building a new tennis court for you.

tennis Court Maintenance kriel

tennis Court Construction nelspruit

tennis Court Surfacing standerton

Volleyball Court Resurfacing witbank

Volleyball Court Repairs witbank

Volleyball Court Installations

Volleyball Court Fencing

Volleyball Court Renovations

Volleyball Court Builders

Athletic courts Mpumalanga

We maintain the highly regard for giving you a Athletic court building project with memorable quality. Our values, united with our skills in all aspects of athletic court building, produces an end product that is exceptionally made and efficiently

tennis courts standerton tennis courts witbank tennis courts nelspruit tennis courts ogies tennis court delmas tennis courts middelburg netball courts kriel netball court secunda tennis court secunda carolina tennis courts

We provide:

Tennis Courts

  • New Tennis Court Construction
  • Tennis Court Maintenance
  • Tennis Court Resurfacing
  • Tennis Court Surfacing & crack repairs
  • Tennis Court Lighting Installation
  • Tennis Court Building
  • Athletic Tracks Construction and maintenance
  • Basketball and Netball Courts construction and maintanence
  • Indoor & outdoor courts


We have experience of more than 5 years in this sport construction and surfacing field,we built and rehabilitated/resurfaced a lot of combo courts,netball courts,basketball courts and all sporting/athlete courts or fields.


Areas we cover;

  • We work in all South African provinces including beyond SA borders in countries such as Botswana,Zambia,Mozambique,Namibia and Lesotho 
  • We do all types of sporting courts such as all hard surface courts.
  • Tennis courts construction,netball courts construction in Polokwane,cricket pitches,squash courts complete with extras such as practice walls,goal posts for combination commonly known as combo courts.
  • We work in all provinces around SA Pretoria combo courts Johannesburg tennis courts. 

    For all you needs, contact us for :

        • Running track and construction
        • combo/combination courts
        • five aside pitch construction-netball courts construction and resurfacing
        • tennis courts resurfacing and construction
        • Tennis courts construction
        • Netball courts construction
        • Basketball courts construction
        • Volleyball courts construction
        • combo courts construction
        • tennis courts construction and resurfacing
        • basketball repairs
        • tennis courts fencing
        • tennis court refurbishment polokwane
        • netball courts refurbishment

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