Pro Tennis Courts has a vast experience in the construction of sports fileds such as

Tennis courts

tennis courts construction
tennis courts
tennis courts fencing
tennis courts marking and sealing

Volleyball courts

volley ball courts renovations
volley ball courts construction
volley ball courts resurfacing/marking

Athletic courts

we do athletic courts construction
athletic courts resurfacing/refurbishment
athletic courts fencing and marking

Netball courts

We can do single netball courts or combo courts.
Repairs / Fencing
Surfacing / Resurfacing
Installations / Renovations


We have experience of more than 5 years in this sport construction and surfacing field,we built and rehabilitated/resurfaced a lot of combo courts,netball courts,basketball courts and all sporting/athlete courts or fields.


Areas we cover;

  • We work in all South African provinces including beyond SA borders in countries such as Botswana,Zambia,Mozambique,Namibia and Lesotho¬†
  • We do all types of sporting courts such as all hard surface courts.
  • Tennis courts construction,netball courts construction in Polokwane,cricket pitches,squash courts complete with extras such as practice walls,goal posts for combination commonly known as combo courts.
  • We work in all provinces around SA Pretoria combo courts Johannesburg tennis courts.¬†

    For all you needs, contact us for :

        • Running track and construction
        • combo/combination courts
        • five aside pitch construction-netball courts construction and resurfacing
        • tennis courts resurfacing and construction
        • Tennis courts construction
        • Netball courts construction
        • Basketball courts construction
        • Volleyball courts construction
        • combo courts construction
        • tennis courts construction and resurfacing
        • basketball repairs
        • tennis courts fencing
        • tennis court refurbishment polokwane
        • netball courts refurbishment

    Contact Us

    01 Transnet Ave, Capital Park, Pretoria, 0084

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